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Course Program

First Day

On their first day at GAU Summer Camps, students are required to take a placement test in order to determine their level of English. They are then graded and placed in the most appropriate learning group. Grade classification is divided into 3 different levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Upper- intermediate.


You know a few words and phrases


You understand and speak English with some confidence but need to increase vocabulary

Upper Intermediate

You can use English quite effectively and now need to refine your vocabulary and grammar
English lessons at GAU Summer Camps are stimulating and varied. Every student receives 15 hours of lessons each week from qualified and imaginative teachers. Our students are tested on arrival and placed in multi-national classes based on ability.

The syllabus

The GAU Summer School syllabus focuses on communication and fluency. We use modern language teaching techniques, encouraging students to develop their English by providing them with information that is practical and useful.

Our Teachers

Our teaching staff are highly qualified, dedicated and extremely motivated individuals :
  • Most are native speakers with considerable experience teaching in Cyprus, in the UK and a number of other countries .
  • All of our staff members are qualified to teach English as a foreign language and they are employed not only for their teaching ability, but also for their communicative skills and empathy with students from diverse cultures .
  • We continually strive to boost students' confidence by developing individuals' ability to speak and understand everyday English, and to read and write more effectively in the English language.
  • Our teachers also recognize the importance of student interaction and group dynamics within the classroom .
Reports and certificates

Students’ progress is monitored closely during their stay and on departure all students receive a GAU Summer School Certificate.

Meal Times

The students have three meals a day in the school’s beautiful dining room. For breakfast there is a hot international breakfast three mornings each week, as well as a continental breakfast option each day. There are always two hot choices for lunch and dinner, including a vegetarian option, and a salad bar, fresh bread, fruit and desserts.

International breakfast: a pot of tea or coffee, orange juice, fresh bread, butter & jam, salami and cheese, cereal & fresh fruit. Water is provided from dispensers throughout the meal

Hot Lunch: Lunches include a hot snack coupled with a salad (pasta / rice / vegetables…etc) and a dessert. Water is provided from dispensers throughout the meal

Dinner: Two-course buffet style meal with a choice of starters, main courses and desserts. Water is provided from dispensers throughout the meal.